Alberta Additive Manufacturing Network

Connecting Alberta based companies to explore and grow additive manufacturing for their businesses.

Alberta Additive Manufacturing Network

Additive manufacturing (AM) is a process whereby a component is built up layer by layer from a digital 3D drawing. The attraction is the ability to manufacture parts that can’t be made any other way, and a shorter delivery time. AM is suitable for small batch manufacturing as there are no start up tooling costs. On-demand or on-location production can reduce inventory and supply chain costs. In addition, there is little material wastage for AM produced components. The AAMN was initiated to facilitate adoption of additive manufacturing and support the growth of advanced manufacturing in Alberta.

The goals of network are to:
  • Reduce upfront cost for AB manufacturers
  • De-risk new technology
  • Drive best practices
  • Build new industries and support established ones
  • Create jobs and increase export potential
  • Utilize collaborative resources in provincial applied research organizations

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Why Adopt AM Technology in Alberta?

Alberta is uniquely positioned to explore industrial additive manufacturing due to its large industrial manufacturing sector as well as the local oil and gas, and manufacturing supply chains. Opportunities currently exist for product modification within the Alberta supply chain in the areas of:

• Re-engineering of complex parts with a part count reduction
• Replacement components fabricated with a faster turnaround to reduce production downtime
• Establishment of mini-factories, such that goods can be transported locally on an as-needed basis
• Providing higher skilled job.

Benefits of a network in Alberta