Darryl Short

Darryl has a strong technical background as a machinist and certified tradesperson. He also has an extensive knowledge of lean, being both Lean Bronze and Lean Management Certified. The owner of Karma Machining & Manufacturing (KMM) his company has had 3D printers for almost a decade, both FFM and SLA.  KMM have machined many materials produced from 3D printed materials.  (ExOne Bronze/Stainless, LiMgAl, Aluminum, etc.), and has evaluated many products/projects looking at the merits of AM and pitfalls. Darryl is active with NAIT as a Program Advisory Committee member and led NSERC Engage projects with Dr. Qureshi looking at SLA to Aluminum casting and will be continuing this work to help bring small run casting to market. Darryl is interested in giving back to the community and looking forward to working on the advisory board.

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