Dr. Ahmed Qureshi

Dr. Ahmed Qureshi is an assistant professor at the University of Alberta, leads the Additive Design and Manufacturing Systems (ADaMS) Laboratory. ADaMS laboratory is a unique additive manufacturing (AM) facility in Canada specializing in the design and development of AM materials and equipment. Dr. Qureshi has supervised pioneering AM research for the needs of Alberta’s manufacturing sector. His work includes the design and development of a plasma transferred arc AM system for AM of Nickel-Tungsten Carbide parts, and development of novel 4D ferromagnetic polymer-metal composite material jetting systems. Dr. Qureshi also has extensive experience in quality assurance and control of mechanical and geometric properties of 3D printing/Additively manufactured parts. Dr. Qureshi’s lab has also designed and developed an 8DOF robotic AM cell for large scale additive manufacturing utilizing sensor fusion and inline metrology to assure multi-axial 3D printing of Aluminum and Steel Alloys. Dr. Qureshi’s lab also innovates in digital design and manufacturing chains. This includes the development of algorithms and software for additive manufacturing, reverse engineering, and computer-aided path planning. Dr. Qureshi is also a co-founder of a technology start up, Elementiam Materials and Manufacturing Inc. which provides advanced manufacturing services with a specific focus on metal AM processes.

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