Gary Fisher

Gary has been at InnoTech Alberta (IA) for many years and through his position on the Advisory Group is keen to support the AM community in Alberta.  IA is very active within this sector, working with both academia and industry to develop technologies and promote their adoption.  Examples of these activities include in-house metal and polymer printing facilities, collaborative research with the University of Alberta to develop AM for Alberta-focused applications, membership of the NSERC Hi-AM network and the Autonomous Systems Initiative (U of A), on-going projects with industrial clients to develop AM consumables and applications, working with two international research agencies to promote AM technologies, working with the NRC to align research activities and projects within the MARIOS consortium on AM technologies for oil sands applications. IA is uniquely positioned between academia and industry, with an informed perspective on both AM technologies and the issues they may be used to solve.  Through their programs (e.g. AMFI and MARIOS) IA have a track record of promoting technology adoption and investment. 

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