Exergy Solutions is excited to announce that it has purchased Wayland Additive’s Calibur3 EBM system.  The purchase of the first Calibur3 is a strategic move, enabled with support from Next Generation Manufacturing Canada (NGen).  Wayland Additive has developed the novel electron beam system, NeuBeamTM, which is a hot “part” process rather than a hot “bed” process like traditional eBeam processes.  NeubeamTM is material agnostic, can produce complex geometries that are impossible on other eBeam systems, and is typically 30-40% faster.  The EBM process also enables Exergy to produce Vibenite materials (from VBN Components) to address challenges in severe wear applications.

The investment in Wayland’s technology means that Exergy can present a compelling solution to customer wear challenges. The partnership combines the high wear resistance and toughness of the Vibenite series of materials from VBN Components, with the larger build volume and speed of the NeuBeamTM process, and Exergy Solution’s application engineering support. This enables Exergy to develop innovative solutions for high wear environments where complex geometries and large part sizes are needed for applications across many industry sectors.



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